EnviroMix understands the obstacles engineers and end-users face in today’s challenging environment. Our products are designed to address these challenges and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, biosolids, and water. All of our products utilize our core BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing technology to provide energy savings, simplified and reduced maintenance, and optimal process control versus alternative technologies.


Wastewater treatment applications such as activated sludge treatment, flow equalization, channel mixing, and septage receiving utilize a variety of EnviroMix technologies. EnviroMix systems provide energy-efficient uniform mixing of tank contents, operational flexibility, and optimal process conditions for treatment. The treatment of wastewater is vital for protecting our health and the environment.


Biosolids treatment applications such as aerobic digestion, sludge holding, and anaerobic digestion utilize BioCycle-D Optimized Aerobic Digestion Process, BioMix-AD Anaerobic Digestion Mixing, BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing, and CAMix Cyclic Aerated Mixing. These treatment technologies provide optimal process conditions for sludge digestion and energy efficient uniform mixing of tank contents.


Potable water treatment applications such as elevated or ground storage tank mixing, flocculation, or PAC contactor mixing utilize AquaBlend Potable Water Mixing System to reduce disinfection byproduct formation, prevent temperature stratification, prevent solids deposition, enhance flocculation, and enable treatment chemical contact.

EnviroMix provides solutions for industrial treatment of wastewater, biosolids, and process water in key markets such as food and beverage, agricultural biogas recovery, and pulp and paper. EnviroMix technologies provide optimal process conditions for sludge digestion, energy efficient uniform mixing of tank contents, and operational flexibility.

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advantages for industrial applications

Energy Efficiency Icon
Energy Efficiency:
  • Save money on wastewater treatment so you can spend more money on the processes that matter most to your business
Straightforward Operation Icon
Straightforward Operation:
  • No in-tank moving parts or maintenance
  • Reliable mixing
  • Minimal downtime
Unparalleled Flexibility Icon
Unparalleled Flexibility:
  • Ability to accommodate multiple applications, leveraging common compressors and controls
  • Potential to utilize plant high-pressure air and eliminate need for a dedicated compressor
  • Integration within any tank geometry or configuration
  • Material options to ensure compatibility in a wide range of environments