EnviroMix’s innovative solutions harness the power of large, compressed gas bubbles for energy-efficient and complete mixing in a wide variety of water and wastewater treatment applications. Our mixing and process technologies integrate intelligent, user-friendly controls that provide customers with the performance they expect at the lowest life cycle cost. From optimizing nutrient removal to enhancing volatile solids destruction to maximizing mixing efficiency, our solutions are designed with our customers forefront of mind.

The EnviroMix family of products provides solutions that reduce energy consumption, simplify maintenance, and optimize process conditions, enabling highly scalable and flexible operations. Follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on our latest installations.


Our patented compressed gas mixing technology is at the core of every EnviroMix customized solution.

1. A centralized compressor can be used for multiple applications.

2. Charged by the compressor, the receiver tank supplies compressed air to the valve module.

3. The valve module controls firing parameters of pressure, frequency, duration, and sequence.

4. Engineered nozzles near the floor of the tank distribute short bursts of compressed air.

5. Large air volumes expand upward and outward without introducing measurable oxygen.

6. Bottom-up, uniform mixing is provided in basins of any geometry or floor slope.