PAC Contactors

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is widely used in the treatment of drinking water to remove and control undesirable taste and odor compounds. PAC is typically added to the raw water upstream of the flocculation basins to provide adequate contact time for the taste and odor compounds to adsorb to the PAC.

EnviroMix’s AquaBlend Potable Water Mixing System provides homogeneous mixing, preventing PAC deposition. It also requires only one-third the operations and maintenance expenditure of mechanical mixing systems, offering communities significant savings in time and money.

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Energy Efficiency Icon
Energy Efficiency
  • Ability to mix at a fraction of the energy compared to mechanical mixing
Straightforward Operation Icon
Straightforward Operation
  • Non-clogging, maintenance free components in tank
  • No motors or electrical components in the tank requiring maintenance
Process Optimization
  • Operator-adjustable firing parameters that enable ideal mixed conditions without deposition and minimum energy input
Unparalleled Flexibility Icon
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Compatible with any tank geometry or configuration
  • Variable mixing intensity based on process parameters