Interconnecting channels move process flows throughout a wastewater treatment facility. Facilities typically rely on hydraulic flow rates, diffusers, pumps, or mechanical mixers to keep solids suspended within channels.

Replacing an inefficient, high maintenance system with a BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System in channel applications provides significant energy savings and reduces maintenance costs, yielding very quick payback periods. Moreover, with BioMix, the negligible oxygen transfer is especially beneficial for mixing channels feeding biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes.

For channels, a CAMix Cyclic Aerated Mixing System can substantially reduce energy consumption associated with continuous aerated mixing. Furthermore, CAMix can utilize a side stream of air from the main blower system, eliminating the need for a dedicated blower system.

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“Implementation of BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing will alleviate [issues with air distribution], as well as provide mixing in a very efficient manner.” Tony E. – Engineer for Pennsylvania WWTP


Energy Efficiency Icon
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy savings of 70-80% or greater in channel applications versus diffused aeration
Straightforward Operation Icon
Straightforward Operation
  • No mechanical or electrical components in the wastewater
  • No in-tank moving or wearing parts
Process Optimization
  • Complete mixing with proven negligible oxygen transfer
  • Promotion of optimal conditions for biological nutrient removal processes upstream of BNR selectors
Unparalleled Flexibility Icon
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Easily adaptable to any channel configuration or depth
  • Retrievable configuration available for wet installations with channels online