BioMix-AD Anaerobic Digester Mixing Systems provide uniform mixing of anaerobic digester tank contents by firing programmed, short-duration bursts of compressed biogas through patented, engineered nozzles located near the tank floor. The mixing parameters may be adjusted to optimize mixing and power utilization, either through operator input or automated process feedback.

BioMix-AD enables facilities to meet sludge disposal regulations and reduce energy costs, while reducing their carbon footprint and recovering biogas as a renewable energy source.

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How It Works

BioMix-AD differs from piston bubble, draft tube, lance, and other anaerobic digester gas mixing systems. The technology’s integrated approach results in superior volatile solids destruction, increased gas production, and temperature uniformity, all with lower energy requirements.

A centralized biogas compressor charges the receiver tank, which supplies compressed biogas to the intrinsically safe valve module. The valve module controls the firing parameters, delivering short-duration bursts through engineered nozzles. Large biogas volumes expand upward and outward, providing uniform mixing of tank contents. The firing parameters in combination with the distributed nozzle locations address differing sludge feed positions, feed duration, and outlet positions, as well as increased sludge viscosity.


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Straightforward Operation
  • All in-tank components are maintenance free, non-clogging, and self-cleaning.
  • Minimal maintenance is required for out-of-tank components (compressors, receivers, and gas control valves) in controlled environments.
  • Electrical requirements are limited to the power needed to operate the biogas compressor and the valve modules.
  • System minimizes solids deposition and scum formation.
Process Optimization
  • System provides complete tank mixing with 90%+ active volume.
  • Biogas production is increased.
  • Volatile solids destruction is maximized.
  • Mixing energy distribution overcomes non-Newtonian sludge characteristics.
  • System maintains uniform digester temperature.
Energy Efficiency
  • Significant power savings compared to unconfined gas mixing and mechanical mixers is achieved. This is due to uniformly distributing mixing energy across the basin floor rather than directing it outward from a localized point.
  • System provides 50% or greater reduction in power usage compared to conventional mixing technology.
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • System provides bottom-up mixing in digesters of any depth or geometry.
  • Technology enables mixing intensity adjustments based on process and operating parameters.
  • Nozzle headers conform to the slope of the tank floor, eliminating “dead spots.”
  • System is able to uniformly mix sludge at concentrations up to 8% solids.

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where it applies

A BioMix-AD Anaerobic Digester Mixing System is ideally suited for anaerobic digesters treating domestic and industrial waste sludge, as well as agricultural waste.

Proven to be far more energy-efficient than conventional mixing technologies, BioMix-AD incorporates a distributed energy model that introduces significantly more mixing energy inputs.