Clairton Municipal Authority – Clairton, PA

Charleston, SC, October 28, 2016 – EnviroMix announced today that its BioCycle™-D Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process will be installed at the Clairton Municipal Authority as part of the ongoing digester retrofit and upgrade project. The digester project includes conversion of two (2) 35-ft diameter Anaerobic Digesters to Aerobic Digesters, as well as construction of a new 120-ft diameter Aerobic Digester.

The system was designed by KLH Engineers of Pittsburgh, PA and will be constructed by Wayne Crouse, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA. The system is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

The BioCycle-D Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process is an optimized aerobic digestion system that integrates BioMix™ Compressed Gas Mixing, diffused aeration and controls to effectively de-couple the aeration process from sludge mixing. This facilitates the independent control of oxygen delivery and mixing, thereby reducing energy consumption by upwards of 50%. BioCycle-D operation promotes denitrification and alkalinity recovery, which will help to minimize polymer use and improve sludge dewaterability.

The BioCycle-D Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process is projected to reduce operating power by over 200 BHP in the initial years of operation, which leads to a payback of approximately 3 years versus the cost of installing diffused aeration alone to both mix and deliver oxygen. This types of savings and payback period is characteristics of BioCycle-D installations.

EnviroMix is pleased to provide the Clairton Municipal Authority with an energy efficient and flexible process to help optimize the operation of their aerobic digestion system.