Further Validation: Ortho-P Release & Subsequent Uptake, Large Bubble BioMx vs. Mechanical Mixers

As part of our continued effort to update important industry professionals regarding the evolving technology of BioMx large-bubble mixing, please see the following:

The graphs to the right are prepared from Ortho-Phosphate (as P) data, collected by laboratory personnel at F. Wayne Hill WRC, Gwinnett County GA. In part, the 60 MGD advanced nutrient removal wastewater treatment facility consists of ten trains of modified Bardenpho biological reactors. Trains 5 and 7 utilize mechanical mixing (data represented by vertical bars) and Train 10 utilizes our BioMx large-bubble mixing system (data represented by a line). Within each train, Cell A2 is the second of two anaerobic selector cells, and Cell C6 represents the tail end of the aerated treatment section. As one can see, the variance in the data between trains for the respective process tank is insignificant. Therefore, the Ortho-Phosphate release rate is similar utilizing either mixing technology as is the luxury uptake rate within the oxic section towards the end of the biological treatment process. This direct-parameter data verifies the indirect-parameter ORP data examined by Dr. Clifford Randall, Virginia Tech Professor Emeritus, and William Randall PE in theirComparative Analysis. Thus, the energy-efficient, maintenance-friendly BioMx system is further validated for use in anaerobic wastewater treatment processes.

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