New Product Release – Flocculation Tank Mixing

Charleston, SC, July 9, 2012 – Advancing its vision for the future of efficient water treatment, EnviroMix, a leader in water and wastewater treatment technologies, announced today new solutions for efficient mixing under the AquaBlend™-FT brand.

The EnviroMix AquaBlend™-FT system provides mixing in water treatment flocculation tanks by firing short bursts of compressed air through a patented nozzle system. The control system utilizes key parameters to manage the mixing energy in order to match the different mixing requirements within multi-stage flocculation tank systems. Process probe data signals may also be integrated with the AquaBlend-FT control system to vary mixing intensity in response to real-time conditions.

Legacy mechanical flocculators contain an extensive assortment of maintenance components subject to failure and relatively short life expectancy. With no moving mechanical or electrical components below the water surface, the technology from EnviroMix is ideal for long-term investments focused on performance and lifetime cost reduction.

“Our flocculation tank mixing technology extends our expertise in smart mixing solutions designed to integrate with other key processes upstream and downstream.” said Ted Jenkins, CEO of EnviroMix. “Utilities today are looking for long-term solutions that enable greater flexibility in managing water treatment. We will leverage our Digital -Water™ process control platform to deliver results at a fraction of the cost of traditional mixing technologies.”

About Digital-Water™

Digital-Water is an enterprise software platform for process control automation of water and wastewater facilities. The software will automate historically-manual procedures in a variety of critical process areas in order to reduce power consumption and improve water quality. Digital-Water’s intuitive algorithms, controls and reporting capabilities effortlessly adjust to process conditions to drive energy savings without compromising treatment objectives. The software is also capable of predictive modeling in order to adjust operating parameters based on conditions “upstream.”

About EnviroMix

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC, EnviroMix is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures treatment systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and help facilities meet nutrient removal limits. Utilizing patented and proprietary technology, the Company provides both equipment and process control solutions to enhance plant performance in the water and wastewater markets. For additional information please visit