Anaerobic Digester Success Story

EnviroMix announced today the results of the BioMix-AD operation at the Fourche Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. The results of a commercial study have demonstrated the BioMix-AD mixing system for anaerobic digesters, has substantially reduced the mixing energy consumption by 50% and improved gas production by 23%.

Little Rock Wastewater and Hawkins Weir Engineers commissioned EnviroMix to evaluate one of eight 100-ft diameter digesters, each with an approximate volume of 1.23 million gallons, at this 16 million gallon per day facility. Once the analysis was complete, EnviroMix was contracted to implement an energy efficient mixing technology that would effectively mix the 2% primary sludge.

The BioMix-AD compressed gas mixing system is designed to provide effective and efficient mixing using the biogas created through the microbial digestion of the sludge in the anaerobic digester and collected in the space beneath the digester cover. Once the usable biogas is processed, the biogas is then compressed and injected both intermittently and sequentially through hundreds of localized mixing nozzles across the basin floor.

David Lauer, regional director of business development for EnviroMix, stated, “The BioMix-AD system represents a revolutionary biogas mixing technology and is a breakthrough innovation for sludge treatment. The fact that this technology provides improved mixing energy efficiency and greater biogas production is a big step forward for our industry.”

Please read the full white paper, which provides additional information information, including data on biogas flow, volatile solids reduction, and suspended solids distribution.