Announcing CAMix Cyclic Aerated Mixing, Simultaneous Mixing and Oxygen Transfer

EnviroMix is excited to announce CAMix Cyclic Aerated Mixing, the company’s latest in a series of 2021 product launches. Leveraging our proven BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing technology, EnviroMix has extended our technology portfolio to include a solution that not only mixes but also transfers oxygen to meet process demands.

CAMix provides simultaneous aeration and mixing through a patent-pending, sequentially actuated diffused aeration system. The system introduces localized proportional air volumes to uniformly mix and aerate areas of a tank in sequence, delivering significant process benefits and substantial energy savings.

Industry guidelines often result in oversized aeration systems that waste energy, especially in applications that are mixing limited, whereby the air requirement for mixing exceeds the demand for oxygen transfer. In these applications, CAMix can reduce energy consumption by more than 50% compared to conventional continuous aeration systems. The system allows unlimited turn-down capability, eliminating over-aeration which leads to wasted energy. Substantial energy savings, along with decreased capital expense, are also realized through the use of a smaller blower at lower operating horsepower. Customers focused on sustainability will appreciate the quick payback and minimal operating expenses.

The sludge mixing example illustrated below uses a system designed for the industry standard 30 cubic feet per minute per thousand cubic feet of tank volume (scfm/kcf). In a conventional continuous aeration system, the blower must provide enough air to completely mix the entire tank (1,000 scfm). With CAMix, air is directed to individual zones, with the airflow rate designed at an equivalent 30 scfm/kcf per zone (250 scfm), instead of the entire tank.

CAMix’s bottom-up mixing provides uniformly or partially mixed conditions, as required. The system’s aerated mixing parameters can be adjusted manually or automated via instrumentation feedback. CAMix is compatible with any tank geometry, configuration, or depth. The system is designed to be used in industrial and municipal wastewater and water applications, such as aerated channels, equalization tanks, aerated sludge tanks, and aerobic digesters — or any mixing limited application that would typically incorporate a conventional diffused aeration or jet aeration mixing system.

For more information on how CAMix Cyclic Aerated Mixing optimizes oxygen delivery and mixing effectiveness, visit today.