BioMix Installation in Parker, CO

EnviroMix, Inc. is pleased to announce today that the Stonegate Village Metropolitan District (SVMD) in Parker, CO has selected the BioMix™ Compressed Gas Mixing System as part of an upgrade and expansion of their aging Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The existing plant had experienced significant wear and tear causing overall plant operation and maintenance costs to increase significantly. SVMD chose to provide an upgraded facility to their residents through a construction management at risk delivery model that would provide the best value with an appropriate total cost of ownership. BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing was selected to provide energy efficient mixing for the bioreactor anoxic, anaerobic, and deoxygenation selectors as well as the aerobic digester anoxic selector based on the evaluated selection process.

Two (2) 15 hp rotary screw air compressors, one duty and one stand by, will be utilized to provide compressed air to the BioMix system with no in-basin maintenance. The multiple basins to be mixed are both long and narrow which made BioMix ideally suited for the application whereas limitations in performance occur with traditional mechanical mixing technologies. Unlike traditional mechanical mixing systems, the BioMix system uniquely provides plant operators the flexibility to modify system firing parameters to produce ideal mixing conditions. This feature will help the SVMD to meet future stringent effluent discharge nutrient limit standards.

Initial startup of the system occurred this past March in a portion of the treatment process, with the balance of the system to startup later this spring. Dustin Miller, with the project contractor Moltz Construction, said it was “probably one of the simplest startups I’ve ever been to.” Mr. Miller expressed that he would be pleased to install another BioMix system if given the opportunity.

This is the second BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing system installed in Colorado where Burns & McDonnell was the design engineer. For more information regarding this project, please contact [email protected].