BioMix to Bring Energy Savings to Lubbock, Texas

EnviroMix, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Compressed Gas Mixing, announced today a purchase order for the Northwest Water Reclamation Plant in Lubbock, Texas. The BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System will be installed in a 90-ft diameter equalization (EQ) basin which is currently under construction by Eagle Contracting.

The Northwest Water Reclamation Plant project includes the construction of a new 3.0 MGD Closed Loop Bioreactor with Flat Sheet Membrane Filtration. Flow equalization is designed to both minimize the capital cost of the membrane system and dampen the impact of peak hydraulic events on plant operation. Major process equipment was selected through collaboration between the Owner and the Design Engineer, Alan Plummer Associates, Inc., based on capital cost, lifecycle cost, and manufacturer experience.

BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing was selected to provide high efficiency, low maintenance mixing in the EQ basin over a wide range of operating levels. The inclusion of proportional pressure control will optimize energy usage at low water levels. The use of alternative coarse bubble aeration and blowers would have required approximately 125 hp versus only 10 hp for BioMix. This represents power savings of about 90%, which equates to energy cost savings of over $50,000 per year at $0.07/ kWh.

Tyler Kunz, Vice President of Sales at EnviroMix stated “EQ Tanks are a very nice application for BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing. BioMix has capital and maintenance costs similar to diffused aeration but will operate at a fraction of the power. With deep tanks, the energy efficiency advantage offered by BioMix is even greater.”

Installation of the BioMix system is expected to begin in the early part of 2016. EnviroMix is pleased to be providing our BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System to offer maximum energy savings to the City of Lubbock, Texas.