BioMix Users Enjoy 80% Energy Savings for Channel Mixing

In the course of water reclamation, sewage flows must be conveyed between one process to the next. In the design of some water reclamation facilities, these flows are conveyed through pipes or channels and multiple supplemental mixing processes (known as mechanical or aerated channel mixing) are required to prevent the deposition of suspended solids. Three municipal water reclamation plants recently turned to EnviroMix’s BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System as the ideal technology for channel mixing. Immediately after deploying the EnviroMix mixing system, all three of these facilities are now reaping significant cost and operational benefits.

On account of its energy efficiency and the low maintenance requirements of the system, BioMix is well suited for mixing channels in both small and large treatment plants. The system is equally at home in facilities using thousands of feet of open channel or smaller sites employing a small splitter box or distribution channel. The BioMix value proposition is the same irrespective of the size of installation, as these three water operators discovered:

Large sized wastewater treatment plant in northeastern city 

Application:  200 MGD Design Flow. Mixing of Primary Clarifier Influent and Final Clarifier Influent Channels to maintain solids in suspension. Nearly one mile of channels mixed with diffused aeration operating at over 800 horsepower.

The Design Challenge: City introduced energy savings initiative that focused on lowering energy consumption throughout the City’s infrastructure. EnviroMix was invited to retrofit existing system with goal of achieving $300,000 annual savings in reduced energy costs.


  • City’s utility provider provided a rebate to help fund BioMix
  • City beginning to see a payback on this investment; return expected in only a few years.

Medium sized waste-water treatment plant in southeastern city 

Application: 20 MGD Design Flow. Aeration Basin Secondary Clarifier Splitter Box to maintain solids in suspension. Modest sized structure designed to distribute and split flows to secondary clarifiers.

The Design Challenge: Critical process structure, which is difficult to take out of service at any time. EnviroMix solution was attractive because each BioMix nozzle can be isolated and maintained without taking the system out of service.


  • BioMix provides plant with:
  • Maintenance free operation,
  • Energy efficiencies, i.e. operation requires less than 5 horsepower,
  • Optimizable mixing intensity at any point along the splitter box,
  • No downtime

Medium to large sized wastewater treatment plant in midwestern city 

Application: 48 MGD Design Flow. Aeration Basin Effluent and Final Clarifier Influent Channels to maintain solids in suspension.

The Design Challenge: Aging plant infrastructure in need of rehabilitation and replacement: BioMix selected to replace existing diffused aeration channel mixing system. BioMix uses one small compressor to deliver the mixing air to the system; no additional infrastructure i.e. additional aeration blower capacity is required.


  • More than 85% energy savings versus existing system, achieved partly through:
  • Low maintenance, energy efficient operation (less than 20 horsepower over 700 feet of channel).

“By working shoulder to shoulder with our customers and analyzing their water reclamation operations, we can help them achieve very significant savings on their operating costs, said Dave Lauer, director of regional sales at EnviroMix. “Compressed gas channel mixing is a clear winner over conventional diffused aeration mixing technology because it allows for a flexible and optimizable mixing regime, slashes maintenance overheads and operating energy.”  For further information about these installations and other BioMix applications, contact Dave at [email protected].