BJWSA – Port Royal WRF Equalization Tank

EnviroMix announced today that its BioMix™ Compressed Gas Mixing System has been commissioned at Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority’s (BJWSA) – Port Royal WRF.  The BioMix system has been installed in their 2.8-million-gallon storage basin prior to their oxidation ditch process.  The BioMix system is part of BJWSA’s proactive efforts to achieve outstanding treatment performance, and the efficient processing of diurnal and wet weather flows is paramount in meeting this goal.

The storage basin provides the Port Royal WRF with operational flexibility, through buffering of flow variation and providing storage in the event of flow diversion from other treatment facilities or major process equipment maintenance.  Over the years plant staff have found that though the basin provides for the equalization of flows, it didn’t uniformly equalize loading to the plant due to a lack of physical mixing of basin contents.

To rectify this problem, BJWSA selected EnviroMix’s BioMixTM Compressed Gas Mixing System to mix the 154’ diameter equalization tank.  The BioMix system at the Port Royal WRF provides a simple, robust and low maintenance mixing solution. The BioMix system will provide: (1) a system which can automatically adapt to changing mixing requirements (2) reduced O&M expense by eliminating in-basin maintenance (3) the lowest operating cost of any available mixing technology at less than 0.1 hp/1000 cu.ft. of tank volume.

“The decision to select EnviroMix’s technology included both lower operating cost and reduced maintenance expense versus alternative traditional mechanical or jet mixing systems which BJWSA has experience. The EnviroMix system is a proven mixing system, which has been adopted at other BJWSA facilities and we are confident that the Port Royal WRF will benefit from this system.”, says Brian Chemsak, P.E., Director of Engineering for BJWSA.

Robbie Beck, President of BRW Construction Group, LLC says, “EnviroMix’s engineering and installation services are second to none.  The expert design of the system and the quality of the system components resulted in a system that was very straight forward to install and will provide years of dependable operation.”

EnviroMix is pleased to provide the Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority with an energy efficient and low maintenance mixing technology as part of their plant operation and maintenance strategy.

Control panel and air receiver installed outside the Port Royal WRF Equalization Tank.