Charleston Water System Technology Demonstration

A live demonstration of our compressed gas mixing and process control technology will be performed at the Charleston (SC) Water System’s Plum Island WWTP on Thursday, August 25th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. EnviroMix will be showcasing its BioCycle™ and BioMix™ systems at the Water Environment Association of South Carolina Low Country District gathering.

At this facility, the BioMix system is installed in complete-mix biological reactors with fine bubble aeration and both are controlled using the BioCycle process control system. The graph to the right presents process data identifying dissolved oxygen (DO) in blue, nitrate (NO3-N) in red, and oxidative reduction potential (ORP) in yellow. A sequential, or cyclic, aeration process is utilized to minimize blower operation and power while still producing effluent quality within permit limits. During the aeration phase, DO is controlled at approximately 2 mg/L. When the aeration is terminated and the BioMix compressed gas mixing system is turned on, nitrates are reduced to approximately 1 mg/L NO3-N. Multiple process variables (DO, ORP, NO3-N, and ammonium) are monitored continuously to determine aeration and mixing period lengths. Using this innovative process, energy reduction has far exceeded expectations.

Please contact me or Sean Clifford at 843-573-7510 to confirm your attendance. Professional development hours will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you at the Plum Island WWTP, 539 Harbor View Circle, Charleston, SC 29412.