Contract for Mixing System at Hopewell (VA) Regional WTF

EnviroMix announced today that its large-bubble mixing technology will be used as part of a plant upgrade at the Hopewell Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (HRWTF) in Hopewell, Virginia. Currently, the 50-MGD publicly-owned treatment facility treats industrial and primary-clarified domestic wastewater, which is discharged into the James River and Chesapeake Bay. In the future, domestic wastewater will instead be diverted from an aged, off-site primary treatment plant and the flow sent directly to the HRWTF. The 52-year-old primary treatment plant is at the end of its useful life and increased flows, along with new regulations, have necessitated the HRWTF upgrade.

The HRWTF project consists of rehabilitation and conversion of three existing primary clarifiers to domestic wastewater primary clarifier/chlorine contact tank combination units. The EnviroMix large-bubble mixing system will be utilized to suspend primary clarified wastewater solids in the new chlorine contact tank channels. Other, more mechanical mixing technologies were not considered due to the required quantity of units and their required maintenance.

John Seaman of Heyward Incorporated, local sales representative for the Hopewell Regional WWTP, said regarding the near-future installation, “Facility management appreciates the value that the EnviroMix large bubble mixing system provides, to include the minimal maintenance required, its energy efficiency, and the ability to fully mix geometrically-challenging tankage. We look forward to providing other customers this innovative, yet straight-forward solution.”