EnviroMix Releases Educational Video Series on Award Winning Technology

After hearing from many water recovery facilities about struggles with achieving effective, consistent biological phosphorus removal, the innovation team at EnviroMix was determined to find a solution. Following a considerable time of research and development, the company released BioMix-DC Enhanced Anaerobic Mixing System in 2021. Shortly thereafter, in 2022, the technology was recognized as winner of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology Award.

As additional BioMix-DC installations are completed around the country and extensive testing data is gathered, the strength of the technology becomes more apparent — as does the massive potential for environmental and economic benefit.

To provide more education to the market regarding the fundamentals of enhanced biological phosphorus removal and quantifiable data showing how BioMix-DC supports the process, EnviroMix recently released a four-part educational video series. Each video is three to four minutes long and focuses on one aspect of the process. The following videos are available on EnviroMix’s website and YouTube channel:

  • Video 1 of 4: Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR)
  • Video 2 of 4: Fermentation for EBPR
  • Video 3 of 4: Optimizing EBPR with VFA Transport
  • Video 4 of 4: The Proven Results of BioMix-DC

BioMix-DC optimizes biological phosphorus removal by transforming a traditional anaerobic selector into an intensified fermentation tank by alternating a short mixing cycle with a long deep cycle. The deep cycle stratifies the solids in the reactor to create a fermentation blanket that increases solids retention time and maximizes volatile fatty acid production and utilization. During the short mixing cycle, intermittent mixing of tank contents is provided by bursts of compressed air fired through engineered nozzles located at the floor of the tank. Compared to continuous mechanical mixing in anaerobic zones, BioMix-DC provides energy savings of 90% or greater. The technology also allows facilities to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, costly chemicals used to supplement phosphorus removal.

Removing phosphorus from municipal wastewater to comply with permitted effluent limits helps protect surface water bodies from disastrous ecological outcomes while recovering a valuable nutrient for reuse as fertilizer. BioMix-DC enables water recovery facilities to do their part in delivering a clean future for our critical water resources.