Operational Excellence Award Presented to Mount Pleasant Waterworks

EnviroMix’s Will King presents the award to the Mount Pleasant Waterworks team. Pictured left to right: Tyler Waterhouse (Foreman), Troy Newton (Supervisor), Will King, Greg Hill (Operations Manager). 


Located on South Carolina’s coast, Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) owns and operates two wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs): Center Street and Rifle Range Road. In 2014, the Center Street WWTP was upgraded to increase capacity and improve treatment. EnviroMix’s BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing replaced inefficient coarse bubble aerated mixing in the flow equalization basin. It was also installed to provide mixing in two BNR anoxic selector basins which were converted from primary clarifiers.

At the time, Black & Veatch provided a cost/benefit analysis demonstrating a 70% decrease in the power demand versus alternative mixing technology and highlighted the operational benefits of a mixing technology that requires no in-tank maintenance. The projected energy efficiency was proven during field performance testing, and BioMix demonstrated optimal uniformly mixed conditions — providing less than 1% coefficient of variation of solids concentration throughout the basins.

“We’ve seen the benefits at Center Street, that’s why we employed BioMix at Rifle Range… the efficiency is a big deal for us.” — Greg Hill, Operations Manager, MPW

After years of efficient and low maintenance operations at Center Street, MPW selected BioMix again in 2020 when the Rifle Range Road WWTP was expanded. The upgrade covered nearly all aspects of the facility, including the activated sludge process. The existing bioreactors were converted to flow equalization tanks, and three new bioreactors were constructed. Based on their outstanding experience with BioMix at Center Street, MPW insisted on installing BioMix in the new bioreactor anoxic selectors. BioMix provides Rifle Range approximately 40% O&M savings versus conventional submersible mixing technology.

“The maintenance is super minimal. There is nothing we have to do to this tank. It works perfectly.” — Greg Hill, Operations Manager, MPW

EnviroMix is pleased to present the Operational Excellence Award to the outstanding team at MPW and to provide the Mount Pleasant community with an energy efficient, low maintenance mixing system.