Orlando Water Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility BNR Enhancement

EnviroMix announced today that its BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System will be utilized at the Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility in Orlando, FL. The Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility provides service to a majority of the southwest area of Orlando, Florida. The City of Orlando will be enhancing the facility’s biological nutrient treatment (BNR) capability through the installation of a BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System in aeration basins to allow each basin to be operated as an anoxic selector.

The engineering team of AECOM and Hazen and Sawyer evaluated compressed gas mixing and mechanical mixing technologies to upgrade nutrient removal capability of the facility. Upon evaluation by the Engineer and the City, EnviroMix was selected for upgrading basins based on the lowest total cost of ownership. The BioMix system is designed to be expandable in the future to serve additional basins providing long-term flexibility.

The BioMix system, utilizing one duty and one standby compressor, was chosen in lieu of mechanical mixing technology based on the significant savings in construction, operation, and maintenance offered by BioMix. The objectives of the BioMix project were to: (1) significantly reduce the energy required to mix the basin contents (2) provide low maintenance operation and (3) minimize the impact on the existing diffused aeration system.

Dave Lauer, director of regional sales, states “We are very excited about this project and the benefits EnviroMix will provide to the City of Orlando from the perspective of both energy efficiency and improved process control. The EnviroMix system is a key part of the Conserv II nutrient removal upgrade project.”

The BioMix system in the upgraded aeration basins is expected to be operational by the spring of 2016. EnviroMix is pleased to provide the City of Orlando with an energy-efficient mixing solution custom-fit to meet their mixing and nutrient removal needs.