Purchase Order: Abington Regional Wastewater Authority WWTP, PA

EnviroMix announced today that its energy-efficient BioMix™ technology will be utilized at the wastewater treatment plant owned by the Abington Regional Wastewater Authority. The facility is located in South Abington Township, Pennsylvania. The plant will be upgraded to provide enhanced treatment to achieve compliance with total nitrogen and phosphorus effluent limits mandated for plants in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Six existing aeration tanks will be reconfigured to three, 2-pass, plug-flow bioreactors, each with 10 stages in a pre-and post-denitrification process.

The BioMix system was chosen in lieu of 12 mechanical mixers in all anoxic and swing zones, at an estimated 50% power reduction. The technology was also designed to be integrated with a new disc-membrane aeration system to allow for long-term process flexibility.

EnviroMix expects its system to be operational by February 2014. K. Friederich Updegraff, P.E., Chief Engineer, states, “For many years, Gannett Fleming has recognized the advantages of mixing with very large bubbles. We are pleased that EnviroMix has successfully commercialized this technology into a refined solution that is validated for biological nutrient removal applications.”