Purchase Order: Glens Falls, New York

EnviroMix announced today that its efficient mixing technology has been selected as part of a project to upgrade the 9.5 MGD Glens Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant in Glens Falls, New York, including incorporation of biological nutrient removal (BNR).

The upgrade includes modification of the two (2) aeration basins to incorporate anoxic zones designed to facilitate denitrification, enabling the facility to meet a stringent, future effluent total nitrogen limit. Optimization of the denitrification process requires the proper level of mixing to promote increased contact between denitrifying bacteria, organic carbon and nitrate, as well as very low oxygen concentration. BioMix is a key part of this process due to the ability of the system to mix effectively with negligible oxygen transfer.

The City of Glens Falls and their design consultant Arcadis (formerly Malcolm Pirnie) chose the BioMix™ Compressed Gas Mixing System to mix the anoxic zones due to its ability to provide energy efficient mixing with no in-basin maintenance. In addition, the BioMix system offers the flexibility to modify system parameters to produce ideal mixing conditions to optimize the denitrification process. Optimized operation prevents over-mixing at the expense of unnecessary energy cost or shearing of the biological floc, which could result in poor settling in the secondary clarifiers.

The BioMix system is expected to be operational by summer of 2015. EnviroMix is pleased to provide the City of Glens Falls with an energy-efficient mixing solution as part of their BNR upgrade.