Successful Installation in Little Rock, Arkansas

EnviroMix has successfully implemented its energy-efficient technology in a new compressed biogas mixing application at the Fourche Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The innovative BioMix™-AD system provides mixing of a 100′-diameter primary anaerobic digester containing 2% sludge. “The improved mixing and methane gas production provided by BioMix-AD is expected to result in increased energy production at the Fourche Creek WWTP,” states Stan Miller, Little Rock Wastewater Operations Manager. “This, coupled with the smaller mixing motor power requirement, is anticipated to form a persuasive case to retrofit the remaining primary digesters with BioMix-AD.”

BioMix-AD differs from other anaerobic digester gas mixing systems in that large biogas volumes are fired through a distributed nozzle array located across the tank floor. The hundreds of high, localized energy inputs provide effective mixing at a low energy requirement. “This is further validation that our technology is highly applicable across a wastewater facility.” said Ted Jenkins, CEO of EnviroMix. “We anticipate significant growth from this segment as we focus on biosolids solutions.”