Validation of EnviroMix Technology in BNR Applications

Furthering its commitment to provide customers with innovative technology, solutions and services, EnviroMix announced today that the BioMix™ Compressed Gas Mixing System is providing efficient mixing while maintaining anaerobic conditions to help achieve biological nutrient removal (BNR) at the 36 million gallon per day (MGD) Warren Wastewater Treatment Plant in Warren, Michigan.

The objectives of the BNR upgrade project in Warren are to; (1) achieve biological phosphorous removal, (2) reduce the costs of chemicals (ferric chloride), and (3) provide the required anaerobic mixing conditions in the most efficient manner possible. Hyperbolic type mechanical mixers were originally considered, however, capital and installation costs exceeded the project budget. As a result, BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing was selected to mix eight anaerobic selector cells within four process trains, due to lower mixing energy, lower capital investment, and lower installation cost.

Key benefits and performance results derived from the BioMix system include mixing efficiency of ~0.1 HP/1000 ft3 of tank volume. In addition, the compressed gas mixing system is successfully and consistently achieving an effluent total phosphorous of <0.5 mg/l with no chemical addition. Eliminating the chemicals will result in additional annual savings of over $150,000 per year. Will King, senior process engineer with EnviroMix, stated, “We have known since our early experience at F. Wayne Hill in Gwinnett County, GA, that BioMix is capable of providing efficient mixing while maintaining the anaerobic conditions that are vital to facilitating biological phosphorous removal. The level of biological phosphorous removal being achieved at Warren, MI, further supports this fact and illustrates the real-life operational savings that can be achieved through incorporation of BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing into facilities operated for biological nutrient removal.”