Purchase Order – Anaerobic Digester Mixing System, Fourche Creek WWTP, Little Rock, Arkansas

Charleston, SC, June 7, 2012 – EnviroMix announced today that its innovative compressed methane gas mixing technology will be utilized as a part of an anaerobic digester rehabilitation project at the Fourche Creek wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in Little Rock, Arkansas. The sludge from this 16 million gallon per day (MGD) facility, as well as from another nearby WWTF, is thickened, digested and stored at the Fourche Creek WWTF. This digested sludge produces methane gas that is utilized in the engine/generator building to produce electricity, used for operation of the plant.

EnviroMix will provide its technology to mix a primary anaerobic digester that requires rehabilitation in part due to structural issues related to the roofing system. During the evaluation phase, mixing was also addressed due to performance concerns with the existing gas lance mixing system. The EnviroMix mixing system, BioMix™-AD, was selected for the basis of design due to its expected performance benefits. “This is a significant step for our business,” stated Ted Jenkins, CEO of EnviroMix. “We are focused on providing a broad set of energy solutions across wastewater, and expect the bio-solids treatment process to be a high-growth market for the technology.”

BioMix-AD differs from piston bubble, draft tube, lance, and other anaerobic digester gas mixing systems in that large (e.g., 4″Ø) gas volumes are fired through a distributed nozzle array across the tank floor. The hundreds of high localized mixing energies provide better mixing to overcome non-Newtonian sludge characteristics found in thicker anaerobic sludge. Gas firing parameters are customizable to accommodate differing feed positions, feed duration, recirculation locations, and outlet positions as well as varying sludge viscosities.

The EnviroMix local sales representative states, “The BioMix-AD solution was more energy-efficient and provided mixing benefits not offered by other technologies. As the facility’s other five primary anaerobic digesters are cleaned out, we expect the superior methane production, and resulting energy production, provided by the BioMix-AD mixing system to make a compelling economic case to retrofit the remaining tanks.”

The patent-pending BioMix-AD system is expected to be operational by December 2012. EnviroMix is pleased to provide Little Rock Wastewater with engineered, energy-efficient mixing solutions as part of their sludge treatment processes at the Fourche Creek WWTF.

About EnviroMix

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, EnviroMix is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures treatment systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and help facilities meet nutrient removal limits. Utilizing patented and proprietary technology, the Company provides both equipment and process control solutions to enhance plant performance in the water and wastewater markets. For additional information please visit www.enviro-mix.com.