Purchase Order – Bucklin Point WWTF, East Providence, Rhode Island

Charleston, SC, April 3, 2012 – EnviroMix announced today that its energy-efficient compressed gas mixing technology will be utilized as a part of a wastewater sludge storage project at the Narragansett Bay Commission Bucklin Point wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) in East Providence, Rhode Island. This 116 million gallons per day (MGD) advanced wastewater treatment facility will be upgraded to provide enhanced nitrogen removal, process/mechanical improvements to several parts of the plant, and other electrical and flood protection enhancements.

EnviroMix will provide its technology to mix two repurposed dissolved air floatation tanks that have each been subdivided into a waste activated sludge (WAS) and thickened WAS storage tanks. A variable-speed, rotary-screw compressor supplies compressed air to valve control panels that fire bursts of large bubbles through the BioMix™ engineered floor nozzles. Challenges overcome by the BioMix design include the sloped floors of the WAS tanks, the narrow geometry and bottom hoppers of the thickened WAS tanks, and the inaccessibility of all related tanks. The self-cleaning nozzles and stainless steel piping eliminate in-tank maintenance of the energy-efficient mixing system.

Mike Caso of Technology Sales Associates, EnviroMix sales representative, states, “The original design intent was to utilize coarse bubble aeration. Due to the unique configuration of the existing tanks, high solids content and complete mixing requirement, the BioMix system proved to be a lower installed cost system that would ensure complete mixing throughout these sludge blending and storage basins. The BioMix design mixes from the basin floor; whereas, a coarse bubble system would have a dead zone of at least six inches where the stored sludge would sit septic. As energy usage is always a consideration in equipment selection, the lower O&M for the BioMix system will save money.”

The BioMix system is expected to be operational by September 2012. EnviroMix is pleased to provide the Narragansett Bay Commission with engineered, energy-efficient mixing solutions as part of their advanced wastewater treatment processes at the Bucklin Point WWTF.

About EnviroMix

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, EnviroMix is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures treatment systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and help facilities meet nutrient removal limits. Utilizing patented and proprietary technology, the Company provides both equipment and process control solutions to enhance plant performance in the water and wastewater markets. For additional information please visit www.enviro-mix.com.