Purchase Order – Nashua WWTF, New Hampshire

Charleston, SC, May 29, 2014 – EnviroMix announced today that its energy-efficient BioMix™ compressed gas mixing technology will be utilized at the Nashua Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTP) in New Hampshire.

EnviroMix will provide its technology to mix four (4) tanks of digested sludge at roughly 2% solids and one (1) tank of thickened, pre-digested sludge at roughly 4% solids. The total estimated power required for BioMix to achieve homogenous mixing in this application is under 10 HP and represents power/energy savings of 75-80% versus diffused aeration, which is another widely applied technology for sludge mixing applications.”

“As facilities look to incorporate energy-efficient technology into their operation and maintenance strategy, the savings offered through use of BioMix for sludge mixing are hard to ignore” says EnviroMix National Sales Director Tyler Kunz.

John Adie, the Plant Operations Supervisor for the City of Nashua stated “We are excited to implement the BioMix technology here at the Nashua plant. Energy costs in the Northeast are some of the highest in the country and the money saved through the use of an efficient mixing system will have a significant, positive impact on our O&M budget.”

The BioMix system is expected to be operational by fall of 2014. EnviroMix is pleased to provide the Nashua WWTF with a straight-forward, energy-efficient mixing solution as part of their Dewatering System Upgrade Project.

About EnviroMix

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, EnviroMix is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures treatment systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and help facilities meet nutrient removal limits. Utilizing patented and proprietary technology, the Company provides both equipment and process control solutions to enhance plant performance in the water and wastewater markets. For additional information please visit www.enviro-mix.com