Solving Energy™ with Performance Contracting

Charleston, SC, July 9, 2012 – Furthering its commitment to provide customers with innovative technology solutions and services, EnviroMix announced today a flexible procurement method for municipal treatment facilities based on the energy saved by utilizing the Company’s technology. EnviroMix will focus initially on secondary treatment within wastewater facilities faced with high energy costs and facing regulatory compliance.

Wastewater treatment plants account for a significant portion of a typical municipality’s annual operating budget, and energy costs are a major component of those costs. Governments are strained to find ways to efficiently manage their water and wastewater systems, while fulfilling infrastructure improvement needs. Simplified performance contracting with highly flexible procurement terms can help management teams solve immediate challenges without impacting capital budgets.

EnviroMix will offer clients the ability to retrofit existing aeration and mixing basins, which can consume more than 40% of a typical wastewater facility’s total energy. “We estimate more than $200MM each year can be saved in the U.S. alone, using innovative technologies to reduce costs and prepare for long-term increases in energy prices.” said Ted Jenkins CEO of EnviroMix. “We are entirely focused on ‘Solving Energy™’ with a set of technology solutions and financial tools that will drive change in our market. Our team will offer turn-key solutions including energy audits and financed installations with short-term paybacks.”

“Our ability to reduce the energy consumed for mixing applications by 75% is unequalled.” said Stuart Humphries, Director of Sales for EnviroMix. “We see a clear opportunity to fill a very practical need among the thousands of wastewater utilities that struggle to upgrade their facilities without adequate capital budgets. We have an experienced team that can provide innovative solutions and implement necessary plant upgrades.”


About EnviroMix

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC, EnviroMix is a privately held corporation, which designs and manufactures treatment systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and help facilities meet nutrient removal limits. Utilizing patented and proprietary technology, the Company provides both equipment and process control solutions to enhance plant performance in the water and wastewater markets. For additional information please visit