Success of BioCycle-D is Key Factor in Growth of Aerobic Digester Sales

Charleston, SC, September 10, 2019 – EnviroMix announced today rapid growth due to the success of their BioCycle-D™ Optimized Aerobic Digestion Process.

“Sales of BioCycle-D continue to drive EnviroMix’s growth, allowing our technology to reach a broader and more diverse market,” said Ted Jenkins, CEO. “The demand from small to mid-sized communities to optimize aerobic sludge digestion using the BioCycle-D process has been tremendous.”

The proprietary process offered exclusively by EnviroMix effectively controls aerobic and anoxic phases of operation, decoupling aeration from mixing. Thus, providing precise process control and delivering energy savings of 70% or more versus a traditional design approach.

Sarah Elger, P.E., Director of Product Innovation & Strategy, is leading the EnviroMix product development team. She commented, “The exceptional performance results delivered by BioCycle-D including both process benefits as well as operational savings have sparked significant interest from customers building new aerobic digesters or struggling to operate aerobic digesters with conventional technology.”