Success Story – F. Wayne Hill (GA) Water Resources Center (WRC)

Charleston, SC, April 16, 2013 -EnviroMix has successfully implemented its energy-efficient technology in a new mixing application at the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center (WRC) in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The innovative BioMix™ hardware and software solution provides suspension of solids in an interior circular sloped-floor tank for 3% primary sludge storage as well as for an outer toroidal-shaped basin that holds 2% waste activated sludge (WAS).

Third-party laboratory personnel obtained sludge samples at engineer-specified locations and conducted total suspended solids testing. Results from testing identified a coefficient of variance (sample set standard deviation divided by the mean) of 2.7% in the primary tank and 3.2% in the WAS sludge basins. Because these results are well below the industry standard of 10% coefficient of variance, the BioMix technology was validated as a compelling solution to overcome the unique tank geometries by effectively mixing the thickened sludge.


About EnviroMix

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