BNR Selectors

Biological nutrient removal (BNR) is a process used to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater before it is discharged into the environment. Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities that are configured for BNR typically include anaerobic and anoxic selectors in which it is vital to provide proper mixing of wastewater flow and return streams, maintain solids in suspension, and not impart measurable oxygen. A BioMix Compressed Gas Mixing System accomplishes these objectives using a fraction of the energy required by mechanical mixers.

Additionally, the BioCycle Cyclic Aeration Process is ideally suited for municipal and industrial secondary treatment BNR processes. The technology is extremely effective for plants that are underloaded compared to design, or plants with wide diurnal variations.

For anaerobic selectors and fermentation tanks, a BioMix-DC Enhanced Anaerobic Mixing System further optimizes conditions for enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR).

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Energy Efficiency Icon
Energy Efficiency
  • 50-60% or greater energy savings compared to mechanical mixing
Straightforward Operation Icon
Straightforward Operation
  • No mechanical or electrical components in the wastewater
  • Greatly reduced amount of operating equipment to be maintained
  • Non-clogging, self-cleaning components in tank
  • 100% redundancy with standby compressor
  • Optional PLC backup with Zombie® controller
Process Optimization
  • Complete mixing with proven negligible oxygen transfer
  • Easy integration with aeration equipment for swing zone applications, minimal load stress on other process equipment
  • Guaranteed uniform mixing with onsite performance testing
Unparalleled Flexibility Icon
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Install options for anaerobic, anoxic, swing zone, aerobic, and deoxygenation tanks
  • Variable mixing intensity based on process parameters