EBPR Selectors

Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) is an effective process used in the treatment of wastewater before it is discharged into the environment. EBPR utilizes anaerobic fermentation to maximize the biological uptake of phosphorus by phosphorus-accumulating organisms (PAOs). While the actual uptake of phosphorus occurs in an aerobic environment, PAOs must first be conditioned by exposure to volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in an anaerobic environment. PAOs store food under anaerobic conditions and then process the food once under aerobic conditions.

BioMix-DC Enhanced Anaerobic Mixing optimizes the anaerobic fermentation process by alternating a short mixing cycle with a long deep cycle. This allows stratification in the reactor, increasing the solids retention time in that zone and resulting in the formation of additional VFAs.

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Energy Efficiency Icon
Energy Efficiency
  • 90% or greater energy savings compared to continuous mixing
  • 40-60% less active mixing energy when resuspending solids compared to conventional mechanical mixing
Straightforward Operation Icon
Straightforward Operation
  • No mechanical or electrical components in the wastewater
  • Non-clogging, self-cleaning parts in tank
  • 100% redundancy with standby compressor
Process Optimization
  • Proven negligible oxygen transfer
  • Designed to drive down process ORP
  • Ability to adjust mixing frequency and intensity to optimize phosphorus removal and maximize VFA formation
Unparalleled Flexibility Icon
Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Easily integrates with other BioMix applications in the facility
  • Cycling parameters are operator adjustable or controlled via instrumentation feedback