Digester Mixing

The BioMix-AD™ compressed gas mixing system provides uniform mixing through an array of nozzles in an anaerobic digester. This patented technology utilizes a number of parameters to control the firing of the gas injection valves in order to mix a specific sludge and tank geometry both vertically and horizontally.  The BioMix-AD system incorporates a distributed energy model that significantly introduces more mixing energy inputs then inefficient legacy technologies in the market.  Our approach is proven to be far more energy-efficient and provide better mixing as demonstrated by off-gas flow data analysis and mixing performance results.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Complete tank mixing with 90%+ active volume
  • Reduced energy demand ~ 30-60%
  • Increased gas flow production ~ 23%
  • No maintenance of in-tank components
  • No moving parts in the mixed liquor – all key components above the tank level
  • Flexibility in zone control